Quality is our priority

We apply quality management at all levels to ensure the excellence of our products and the safety of our employees while respecting a sustainable development approach.

Our factory is certified IFS at the highest level and ISO 14001.


Quality control


We are committed to a process of control of the fruit from the beginning with the choice of our partner suppliers according to strict specifications. Our fruits are chosen at full maturity, according to specific varieties, and without any conservation treatment. Finally, our products are rigorously controlled during all stages of fruit processing by our teams of professionals. This process is done in full transparency with our customers. 

For more than 10 years, our production site has been certified IFS at the highest level. 





At Nature Créative®, the customer is at the heart of our concerns. We listen to your needs and adapt our ranges to the market expectations. As part of our approach to innovation and continuous improvement, we have invested in 2 new churns and a pilot R&D churn in 2019.

Our R&D team is working on a global redesign of the range towards 100% Clean Label. We are also developing an organic agriculture certified range. The organic range has currently 2 references : the Organic lemon Perlé® and the Organic orange Perlé®. 


Sustainable development


We reduce our environmental impact by choosing refrigerants with low warming potential. Our factory maintains its global warming potential (GWP) less than or equal to 1 thanks to a CO2 system for negative refrigeration and a system using R1234ze and glycol water for positive refrigeration. A 10m2 hot water recovery tank has also been installed to heat the plant and to defrost evaporators. In addition, our production site, based in St Viance, has been designed to reduce noise and visual pollution for the neighborhood. The wooden cladding ensures its integration into the landscape.

Our plant is ISO 14001 certified since 2020.