Frozen semi-candied fruits

Produced by a unique process that only we master, our Perlés® preserve the freshness, the aromatic power and the colour of fresh fruits.


Représenter une application du confisage à froid

The Perlés® are pieces of cold processed    semi-candied fruits with their candying juice.

They are available in different forms to suit all your applications:

Whole fruits : our red fruits are candied whole. They keep the shape of the fruit. They are particularly adapted as markings and layers of fruit.

Chunks (<10 mm) : ideal as inclusions and layers of fruit for all your sweet and savoury preparations.

Fine cut (<3mm) : the finely ground Perlé® enable to realize intense fillings.

Brix degree, composition, quantity and texture of juice, concentration, fruit origin, organic products : we adapt our recipes to your needs.

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Product features :

  • Cold semi-candied : preserves the texture, taste and freshness of fruits.
  • Factory in France (19), IFS certified site.
  • Packaging : 20kg buckets, 500g trays.
  • Storage : frozen products, BBD total 36 months, BBD guaranteed 12 months. Storage at -18°C.

Flavours :

Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, mirabelle plums, mango and kiwi.