The intact taste of fruit


With over 30 years of expertise, Nature Créative offers a range of processed fruits for the pastry, biscuits, ice creams, chocolates, fruit preparations, yoghurts, and sauces industries.

Our semi-candied fruits (Perlés®), our semi-candied citrus fruits zest strips (Cheveux d’ange®), and our fruit purees are the results of a unique cold candying process that preserves the intact taste of fruit.


Our range of processed fruits

Cheveux d’ange®

Thin strips of semi-candied citrus peels, the perfect finishing touch to your culinary decorations.


These pieces of semi-candied fruits are made with our unique technique : the cold candying process. 

Fruit purees

Our cold-processed raw and concentrated maintain the taste, the colour and the natural pectins of fruits.

Représenter une application du confisage à froid

A unique technique :

the cold candying process


Thanks to innovative technology, we cold-candy in a way that preserves the natural freshness, texture and intact taste of fruits.

Our products are made in our ultra-modern factory, according to the strictest quality standards. We have been guaranteeing the excellence of French know-how for more than 30 years.

  • Unique French know-howIFS Food
  • Premium quality
  • Certification IFS superior level
  • Environmental commitment : ISO14001 certification

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