Our fruit purees are processed at low temperatures in order to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of fresh fruit.
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Two types of products are available to meet your needs :

Raw purees: With a maximum of fruits, processed without any cooking, the taste, the color and the natural fruit pectins are preserved.

Concentrated purees: Rich in fruit, they boost the taste of fruit in your preparation with a small quantity.

Product features :

    • Cold-candied : preserves the natural qualities of the fruit.

    • Factory in France (19), IFS certified site.

    • Packaging : 20 kg buckets, 500g and 1kg trays.

    • Storage : frozen products, BDD total 36 months, BDD guaranteed 12 months. Storage at -18°C.

    Flavours :

  • Strawberry, raspberry, morello cherry, blackcurrant, vine peach, green apple, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin, passion fruit and mango.