Thin strips of cold semi-candied citrus peels

Made from a semi-handcrafted process, our citrus peel strips bring out the flavours of the citrus fruit with a high-end finishing touch.
Représenter une application du confisage à froid

Our Cheveux d’anges® are made with a cold-candying process. These high-quality citrus peels are delicately cut into thin strips and separated from their albedo.

As decoration, the fineness of Cheveux d’ange® brings a refined note to all your sweet or savoury dishes.

In inclusion, they perfume and enhance your preparations thanks to their soft and melting texture.

Product features :

  • Cold-candied : preserves the texture, taste and freshness of fruits.

  • Factory in France (19), IFS and BRC certified site.

  • Packaging : 1.875kg buckets, 15 kilos per box.

  • Storage : frozen products, BBD total 36 months, BBD guaranteed 12 months. Storage at -18°C.

Flavours :

Orange and lemon