Blueberry Perlé® Financier

In order to assist you in your projects, we have partnered with pastry chefs to create original application recipes.

The result of this work is 4 recipes, including the blueberry Perlé® financier that we are now presenting to you.


Preparation :

40 Minutes


temps de repos

Rest :

1 night



Baking time :

8 – 10 minutes


Perlé® blueberry



    • 50 gr almond powder
    • 50 gr flour
    • 150 gr de icing sugar
    • 2 gr de cinnamon
    • 125 gr egg whites
    • 125 gr hazelnut butter

    • 30 gr Blueberry Perlé®



1. Bake the butter at 145° C

2. Mix the almond powder, flour and icing sugar

3. Stir in the cinnamon, egg whites and butter

4. Then add the Blueberry Perlé® and mix gently with a flat spatula

5. Leave overnight at 4° C

6. Poach the mixture in a mould

7. Before baking, place a few blueberry Perlé® seeds on each financier

8. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes at 200°C

Perlé® Blueberry Financier

Leave to cool and enjoy.

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