Clean Label and Nature Créative Fruit

In an effort to improve our range, and in order to offer the best of our products to our customers, we are redeveloping our Perlé® range into 100% Clean Label!

What is the Clean Label ?

Clean Label Logo

The clean label, although not yet regulated, is based on a simple principle: more naturalness, more transparency.

This involves reducing allergens and additives, reducing the number of ingredients, replacing artificial ingredients with natural substitutes and making labelling easier for the consumer.

Why are we reformulating our range?

Through Nature Creative Fruit, Gelpass Group aims to offer the best ingredients for your creations..

To do this, we replace all additives with natural products without “E”. Our R&D teams are working on a natural approach while preserving the high quality of our unique cold confectioning process. Our objective is to completely transform the Perlé® range by the end of 2022, beginning of 2023.

Laboratoire R&D
Perlés clean label

To date, we have already reformulated 7 of our references :

  • Orange


  • Lemon


  • Strawberry (12*12 cubes)


  • Mandarin


  • Sour Cherry


  • Mango


  • Kiwi

The benefit for you

Consumer habits are changing. In order to respond to this, we support you so that you can offer more natural products with clearer ingredient lists. A change in line with the wishes of consumers.

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