A blast of fruit in your purees.

Our fruit purees keep all the qualities of fresh fruit thanks to their manufacture at low temperature.

Our Purees

Purée de griotte
Purée fraise
Purée framboise
Purée orange
Purée de citron
Purée crues de pomme verte

Sour Cherry : The raw sour cherry puree is ideal as a layer of fruit on your yoghurts or verrine. Rich in fruit, it will enhance your desserts.

Strawberry : The concentrated strawberry puree will enhance the taste of your dishes even in small doses. Also available in raw puree.

Raspberry : The raspberry puree is perfect for ice cream and other applications. Available in raw and concentrated puree.

Orange : The orange puree allows you to make intense ganaches for your chocolates. Easy to work with and to measure out for all your creations. Available in concentrated puree.

Lemon : The concentrated lemon puree will enhance the taste of your dishes and desserts in coulis or sauce.

Green apple : Raw green apple puree as a pie filling, worked cold, it preserves the taste, colour and natural pectin of the fruit.


Non-exhaustive list of purees. Contact us to receive the detailed range.

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