Fruit purees

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Processed at low temperature, our fruit purees retain all the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of fresh fruit.

purées de fruits
mise en avant de différentes utilisations des purées de fruits

Available products

To meet your needs, we have developed two types of products:

Raw purees

These are made up of a maximum of fruit and are cold processed to preserve the flavour, colour and natural pectins of the fruit.

Concentrated purees

Rich in fruit, they allow a small quantity to reinforce the taste of your preparations.

The plus

Our fruit purees are made in our IFS and BRC certified factory in St Viance (19) in France.

Fruit puree, a tasty and high-quality product

Flavours : Raw puree vine peach

Brix ±2 : 13° to 24°

Conditionnements : 20kg bucket, 1kg tray

Conservation : frozen products -18°C

DDM : total shelf life 36 months, guaranteed shelflife 12 months.

Applications: Ice cream, inserts, pie fillings, ganaches, coulis & sauces, fruit layers…


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