The citrus

Citrus granules

The granules are made from 100% semi-candied citrus peel, which gives them an intense texture and colour.

Granules with intense colours and textures


          Flavours : Orange, citron

          Brix ±2 : 48

          Packing : Buckets of 20 Kg, Trays of 500g

          Conservation : Frozen products-18°C

          Shelf life : 12 months

          Applications : Ice creams, sorbets, ganaches,desserts, coulis, …


The granules are bathed in a candying juice, composed of fruit and sugar, to enhance their taste. They are perfect for use as citrus flavourings in all sweet and savoury preparations.

Citrus cuts

We also offer IQF frozen lemon, lime, and orange cuts with a total shelf life of 18 months (storage at -18°C).

peel strip, peel cube 4.5×4.5 mm, peel pellet, peel pellet, peeled pellet, unpeeled pellet, 5 mm roundel, 5 mm half roundel, natural segment…

Non-exhaustive list.

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