Fruits’ explosion in your desserts thanks to our Perlés®

These frozen pieces of semi-candied fruits are perfect as inclusions, or decorations depending on their shapes (whole fruits, pieces <10 mm, or thin cuts <3 mm).

Our perlés®

Blueberry : The blueberry Perlé® preserves the shape and texture of the fresh fruit. You can by example use it as an insert in a dessert.

Strawberry : The strawberry Perlé® is ideal as a fruit layer on your yogurts and verrines for a simple and original dessert. The whole fruits are candied for our full red fruits’ range.

Raspberry : The raspberry Perlé® enhances your yellow doughs with the taste and texture of the fruit. It is very suitable for inclusion in your muffins. 

Orange : The orange Perlé®, crushed in fine cut, allows realizing intense fillings for your macaroons. This poachable product enables easy dosing without loss.

Lemon : The concentrated lemon Perlé® is optimal for use in the bottom of a pie. With a low Aw and a high Brix, it doesn’t moisten the dough.

Kiwi : The pieces of kiwi Perlé® are perfect as an inclusion in your ice creams. Its soft texture makes it easy to work with.


Non-exhaustive list of Perlés®. Contact us to receive the detailed range.

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