Our lemon, orange & mandarin perlés®, a real success

Produced by a unique process that only we master, our Perlés® are pieces of semi-cold-candied fruits with their confectionary juice, our Perlés® are pieces of semi-cold-candied fruits with their confectionary juice.

Our key products

Available flavours : lemon, orange, mandarin, and many others to be discovered on our site.

Cuts : pieces available in <3mm or <10mm.

Brix ±2 : between 55 and 65 depending on the flavour.

Packaging : 20kg bucket and 500g tray

Storage: frozen products, total shelf life 36 months, guaranteed shelf life 12 months. Storage at -18°C.

Fruits are available in different forms, raw : semi-candied with their confectionary juice; stabilized : accompanied by a thickened juice and concentrated.

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