New kiwi and mango Perlés®

We work every day to innovate while perpetuating our unique know-how: the cold candying process. To better meet your needs, we have added 2 new Perlés® flavors to our catalog.

The mango Perlé® and the kiwi Perlé® enrich our range

New flavors: Raw mango Perlé® and raw kiwi Perlé®

Cut : 10×10 dices

Brix ±2 : 33 and 45

PackagingBucket of 20kg and Trays of 500g

The raw Perlés® are pieces of semi-candied fruit with their candying juice. They keep the taste and the texture of fresh fruit. Our kiwi and mango Perlés® are perfect as markers, decorations, or inclusions such as here in verrines.

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