Recycling of the candying juices

Recycling and reusing

Our Saint Viance factory is committed to sustainable development and has been certified ISO 14001. One of the key points of our approach is to recycle the co-products of our fruit cold candying process. Recycling and reusing the candying juices enable us to offer you economical and high quality products, suitable for various applications. Thanks to their aromatic power and high Brix, you can use them to flavour and colour your preparations at lower cost.

After the annual audit, our ISO 14001 certification was renewed!

Cadying juices

The candying juices are the result of our fruit candying process. They are mainly composed of fruit and sugar, which gives them an intense taste and colour.

The candying juice, a quality, economical and sustainable product

Flavor : Blueberry candying juice

Brix ±2 : 58

Packaging : 20kg bucket

Storage : Frozen product -18°C

Best before: 12 months

Applications : Topping, glazing, flavouring, colouring, syrup, etc.

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